36 years as a Professional Trader

Oliver L. Velez

The BOSS! Professional trader for the past 36 years; Best-selling Author of 5 books on the topic of trading the markets for a living; award-winning International Speaker, Chief Trading Officer for iFundTraders.com and active Entrepreneur.

Oliver L. Velez, the very first spokesman for the active trader industry, is a pioneer in the field of online, high-frequency, direct-access trading. He has influenced millions of traders all over the world via his best selling books, his world-renown videos, his international speaking engagements, his award-winning corporate training events and his relentless pursuit to personally train and fund any individual who possesses the desire to trade the financial markets for a living.

He accomplishes this via www.ifundtraders.com, which is the home of his international trading team. Today, Mr. Velez has more than 5,000 traders under his direct tutelage and funding campaign, making him head of one of the largest private, proprietary trading firms in the world.

Oliver Velez is the author of one of the best selling day-trading books of all-time as well as four others, all of which are translated in Spanish, German, Japanese and Mandarin. He is one of the most sought after speakers in the world on the topic of trading the financial markets for a living and regarded by many as the #1 source for all traders who need training and seed funding for their own trading.

Oliver Velez is an early adapter and investor in some of the biggest social media technologies today, including Facebook, YouTube, twitter and Instagram!

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