These tools were designed and created by me. They are extremely important and I hope that they will be just as important to you.

In my years of development as a professional trader, I wanted something like this, but it didn't exist. It is everything I would have liked to have. I am grateful that today, you have these tools.

  • Trading Strategy

    My Trading Poker will help you achieve your goals by having a visual guide of the exact steps you should take in your trading process, so you can stick to your plan without exception.

  • Process Improvement

    The goal is to be better one day at a time and with My Trading Planner Pro you will achieve it. It is a tool which helps you to keep track of your emotions and thoughts.

  • Track your Process

    With My Trading Journal Pro you will be able to keep track of your report and statistics in a fast and dynamic way, so you can make daily, weekly and monthly reviews, identifying where your areas of improvement are.

Trading Combos